About Making Gears Turn

My name is Jonathan Wheeler, I started blogging during my year as a student missionary in Beirut, Lebanon, and I continue to blog as I grow in my journey to become more productive and help others become more productive so they can make time for the things that are truly important.

I am pursuing a BS in Physics and Mathematical Studies and a BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and plan to graduate in 2016.

My field of interests are not limited to sciences, but also expand across productivity, networking, and developing Christ-centered relationships.

All of these topics mesh together into the focus of this blog: Making Gears Turn, and I believe there is content here for many types of readers.

  • For those interested in productivity and getting things done: this blog will help you optimize your efficiency and make the gears turn.
  • For those of you interested in expanding your network and working better with others: this blog will challenge you to interact more and make your social gears turn.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed and comment liberally. Additionally you can use the form below to subscribe via email. It’s good to have you here.