Done is Better than Perfect

I fail when it comes to blogging. I always view it in my mind as something that will take a lot of time, especially if I want a really nice final product.

For a while I’ve been wanting to blog about my financial workflow, and how I struggled for many years  to make it work, and then I would show the tools that I currently use, with screenshots, and checklists, and the works.

That sounded hard to me.

Let me tell you something. The mental resistance hindered me from ever starting the project and actually finishing it. Why? Because I wanted it to be really nice. I want this blog to bring a lot of value to my readers. I wanted it to be perfect.

The reality is that perfect products are seldom released. In software, they tell developers to release early, and release often. If the first product isn’t perfect, that’s fine as long as you release frequent updates and patches. Customers will tolerate the imperfections and glitches so long as you respond to them quickly and address the things that need addressing.

You have more time to do that when you’re not trying to reach perfection in all of your tasks.

So rather than getting hung up with trying to achieve perfection, aim to reach a 80% mark. Pareto’s principle argues that you can get 80% of the results with 20% of the effort you would need to get 100% of the results.

So that’s what I did with this blog post. 5 minutes in gimp. 5 minutes writing. #doneIsBetterThanPerfect, and I’m off to my next task on my to-do list for today.

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